For what cleaning in the injection system ?! Open your eye!

Most dealerships act with respect to the customer,especially their workshop, which can become an inexhaustible source of maracutaias. That is why the car owner should pay attention when taking the car under warranty for periodic overhaul at a dealership. So we heard about even cleaning the injection system . For further info, click here: how to use fuel system cleaner

There is no factory with a “better” or “worse” network of concessionaires, as everything depends on the attitude of their owners or executives. The other day I received a photo column reader from the reception desk of a Volkswagen dealership.

A board behind the technical consultants announces that it's recommended, every 10,000 kilometers, to clean the injection system .

She does not explain who “recommends” it and leaves it on the air because it is obvious that the recommendation is not from the factory,but from the concessionaire itself, in an effort to increase its revenue in anyway. Ethically or not.

This table goes into detail and specifies that the cleanings “integral”, since it goes from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber and pistons, through injection valves, collectors and intake valves.

In addition, it also promises to de carbonize the engine and ensures increased performance and power, reduces consumption and emissions. It just doesn't say that the main reason for the service is to take more than R $100 from the customer, without any need.

It's the sophistication of the pick. That is, instead of announcing the cleaning of injector nozzles that has already been very tricky,it probably puts a “super additive” in the tank that would have all the powers announced on the sign.

This “integral” cleaning may even be necessary, but only if the driver perceives the engine to be running irregularly. If idle is failing or the engine sneezes when accelerating. Or low performance with high consumption.

But, the suggestion is that he authorizes the service without the technical consultant even getting close to the car. Typical case of“push therapy”!